If you’ve visited this site, or my blog at RockStarLifeLessons.com before, you may have noticed that I’m going through a transformation of sorts.

When I started my blog Rock Star Life Lessons in 2007, it was designed to capture the “Day in the Life” of a NYC singer songwriter. I included my personal stories, gig videos, as well as the indie music marketing tips that I also shared.

A few years ago, CD Baby creator Derek Sivers treated me to a coaching session with Chris Knab. Although Chris and I are cyber-colleagues, I knew that I would benefit from being coached. The first thing Chris suggested was that I update this site (CarlaLynneHall.com), and make it the home of my music life, because he believed that folks who love my music aren’t interested in music marketing tips.

And of course, Chris was right. As Rock Star Life Lessons (RSLL) has expanded into my thoughts and ideas on entrepreneurialism (and that artists are also entrepreneurs), it’s kinda obvious that my music world is not being served quite the same way.

So I’m currently in the process of pulling the personal blog posts from RSLL, and bringing them over here. And RSLL will soon focus on indie music marketing, as I launch my Rock Star Life Lessons podcast and online TV series.

For a long time, I hoped that I wouldn’t have to separate these two worlds (it felt like an overwhelming task, actually), but I understand how doing so will create more clarity.

Stay tuned while I work this out. But in the meantime, you can always check out Rock Star Life Lessons!