February Album Writing Month (aka FAWM) 2012

Happy February Album Writing Month! For the past few years, I’d start FAWM, but get distracted. This year will be different. I scheduled the heck out of January, so I could make room to create new music.

I’ve also been thinking about how I’d like to make music this month. For one thing, I’ve already decided to have a Google Plus songwriter’s circle with a couple of friends from Twitter. That will be my “Witness Protection Plan”, traveling partners to keep me accountable.

I was also thinking about the electric guitar that I won a few years ago. This would be a great time to learn how to play it 😉 To use it as an instrument for writing songs on. I also thought about the looper machine that I bought from my producer Christian Cassan, but have yet to use it. This month is a good time to learn how to use that to write songs as well. So I have some new tools for creativity. I’m psyched!!