As co-leader of Internet for Artists, I’m called to give a presentation of another workshop leader’s web presence the first night of the weekend. That weekend in Santa Fe, I was paired with Brad Lichtenstein, the documentary filmmaker of the group.

While I could tell you all kind of amazing things that I learned about Brad, his work, his films, and his social media stats, his blog caught my attention when he featured a video by Nina Paley. Nina is an animator, and this awesome video shows how all art builds on what came before. The gorgeous music is by Todd Michaelsen.

Both the video and music score have Creative Commons licenses that allow other to reuse and remix their work into other projects. This kind of sharing interests me, because I would love for someone else to remix my work as well.

Nina’s video was on Brad’s site because he’s passionate about creative commons, but also because this video is amazing. I’ve watched it a few times, totally mesmerized. It makes me think. Thanks Brad!